Filia. Your window to solar energy.

We’re Filia. We bring solar energy to every home by integrating solar technology into the fabric of our blackout blinds. Meaning every window can embrace the limitless power of the sun.

Whether your heading out to work or down for a siesta, dropping your Filia blind means you can rest easy, knowing you’re always generating clean renewable energy for your home.

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A new breed of sun worshipper

The sun is a true energy hero. Did you know that in only an hour it provides the earth with more energy than we use across the globe for an entire year? And it’s predicted that by 2050 solar energy will be responsible for around 80% of all the power we use.

How it works

Our blinds come as a complete unit. They'll do everything you’d expect from a blackout blind, blocking sunlight to keep you and your home cool and restful in summer, and warm and cosy in the colder months, while always making the most out of every drop of wonderful sunshine.

Our mobile app means you can programme your blinds to roll down and power up whenever you choose. And with in-app learning, your blinds will soon be working hard to soak up all the sun they can when you're away from home. Getting started couldn't be easier; sign up below and our team will get right back to you.

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Hassle free install

After measuring up, your blinds are fitted quickly and easily by our team of installers


Generate your own energy

Feed your energy directly back into your home, out to the grid or power up your battery pack. The choice is yours


Clean and renewable

No Co2 emissions and minimal footprint to convert energy

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  • All in one

    A single integral unit, easy to operate and install

  • Cost effective

    Versus conventional solar panels, with an instant return

  • No roof required

    Your windows connect you to unlimited energy

  • Fuss Free

    Not hindered by complicated planning permissions

  • We give back

    We pledge 10% of all profits to sustainable and charitable initiatives

Wind down. Charge up.

Roll down the blinds and unwind. Filia blinds completely block penetrable light, so you can take time for yourself, to kickback and rest easy.

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Our story

We know that small changes can have a big impact, and now more than ever we all need to make changes to ensure the safety and future of the planet we live on. But access to conventional solar power is limited by big financial out-lays and generally to those who own their own homes. We wanted to bring about new democracy for cleaner energy, a simple cost effective solution, and lasting legacy for our future generations.